Pekin Bantams
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Our Pekin Bantams 
Pekin bantams are a true bantam, a breed of miniature chicken which has no large counterpart. They are an extremely friendly breed of chicken and fantastic pets for kids. They are often referred to as feathery footballs and their feet and legs are completely covered by feathers. 

They are a very docile chicken that comes in many colours and if handled regularly they will happily sit on your lap enjoying a pat and a cuddle. They can lay between 50 to 100 eggs a year and make the best mothers.

These pictures are some of our Pekin Bantams. We now have some girls and birds for sale. Details are on our birds for sale page
Brown Red Hen

Brown Red Rooster - Stuart
Blue Wheaten Rooster - Shaun

Bottoms up
Blue Wheaten Girl
Billie our White Rooster
Denzel our Black Rooster
Millefleur Hen
Millefleur Hen
Millefleur Rooster - Elton
Elton stretching his wings

George our Silver Birchen Rooster

Chester our Splash Rooster

Buff Girl

Wheaten girls

The boys

Blacks, Blues and Splash

Blue Pullet

Pekin Hen enjoying the sun

Black and Splash girls



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