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I have had a number of people asking when the next Poultry Auction will be so with a sad heart I need to advise that there will be no more Poultry Auctions. I was advised by text message from a member of the Berry Show Committee that we were no longer able to use the pens that they class as their property. Without these pens we are unable to run the auction. I later checked if this was correct with the
President of the Show Committee and he advised it was correct.
So after 8 years we now have to stop this great community event. Over the last 8 years I have roughly estimated that we have given back to our community over $30,000 and maybe even close to $40,000 in donations. Shoalhaven Poultry gave $1000’s to Hands Across NSW to help our drought farmers, built with Strongbuild the permaculture garden for A Taste of Paradise so they could continue their good work with disadvantaged youth and also helped them out with some poultry, helped build the chicken pen at St Michael’s in Nowra, helped numerous schools with hatching and keeping chicken advice, donated to the Berry Riding Club, Berry Hockey Club, and others plus allowed some group including the KV preschool to sell items at the auction to raise funds.
Shoalhaven Poultry also has given talks on poultry at community clubs like the Berry Garden Club, the Shoalhaven Permaculture Club and the FIG garden in Kangaroo Valley. We also support Rotary each year at the Farm Field Days by putting on the very popular poultry exhibition and giving a speech on how to keep chickens. We have even helped the Berry Show Committee run and their poultry section of the show for 2 years when their previous help pulled out.
It is a shame that a few people can put a stop to such an event that has given back to the community in the way of donations but also an event that so many people look forward to and enjoy as a family day and some travel as far as the Central Coast, Dubbo, Parkes, Bega and even Victoria to attend. These people come and stay in our local accommodation, eat in our local restaurants and shop in our local shops. We attract about 300 people to this event in Berry three times a year. 
We will continue to have our website and our facebook site for those who want to sell chickens or need advice on keeping poultry but all other aspects of the group will now end. I hope if you are thinking about attending and showing chickens at the Berry Ag show this year you rethink this and not support a committee that has so little regard for community activities especially those based around livestock and agriculture on which an Ag show is supposed to promote. Our last event will be to sponsor the Kangaroo Valley Poultry Section at their Ag show in February next year so I hope to see you all there.

We would also like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year

See you all there.

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