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About Us
Why we started Shoalhaven Poultry
Shoalhaven Poultry was founded by a few friends with a common interest in Poultry. We found it difficult to buy interesting and pure bred birds in our area with out having to travel from Newcastle to Canberra in search of Poultry at Auctions and from breeders. So we decided to hold our own Auction in the Shoalhaven at the Berry Showground Poultry Pavilion to enable those who were having the same issues as us buy birds.

The first one was held on the 18th of April 2010 and was an overwelming sucess. We were hoping for at least 150 birds and enough buyers for all birds to be sold. We wanted the auction to be very user friendly with information and people on hand to help buyers make an educated choice on the right birds for them.

We ended up with over 500 birds and 600 people at the auction. The day raised $1000 for the local charity, Hands Across NSW who support dought affected families. Due to its sucess we held two more auctions in 2010 and raised at total of $3500.

We now hold three auctions per year and so far have raised close to $12000

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