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Shoalhaven Poultry Auction

Next Auction Details 
Venue: Berry Poultry Pavilion located at the Berry
Showground Alexandra Street Berry NSW
Date: 11 March 2018 
Time: Poultry Shed will open from 8.30 am to view the birds. The Auction will commence at 9.30 am

All buyers must register prior to bidding and payments are by cash only

All birds will have informational cage labels with breed, gender, age and colour to help you in the buying process. Plus knowledgeable volunteers will be happy to answer all your questions about the birds up for auction. 
All penning fees and profits from the day will be donated to a local charity or community project.

Parking is available inside the Show Ground for a donation

Refreshments are available all day including free range egg and bacon rolls and gourmet coffee

If you are planning on buying some birds remember to bring a secure well ventilated carrier. We will now have boxes for sale and if we feel your box is not suitable for your purchase you will be required to purchase one of our boxes before taking your birds home. No bags, milk crates, plastic boxes or small flimsy boxes will be allowed. 

Over 700 birds will be up for auction. 

Pens are now fully booked for the 11 March Auction
As breeds that will be in the auction are advised to us we will update this page. Not all birds will be advertised on here as some sellers do not advise the breed before penning.
Over 700 birds will be up for auction.

Large Fowl: Barnevelders in a few colours, Australorps - Blue, Splash and Black, Sussex - Light, Speckled, Coronation, Buff and Silver, Black Copper Maran, Welsummers, New Hampshires, White Leghorns, Pretty backyard layers, Faverolles, Wyandottes, Shamo, Campine, Sikies, Araucana, ISA browns, Pit Game, Indian Game

Bantam Fowl: Pekins in lots of colours, Belgium bantams, Wyandottes, Sussex, Araucana, Pretty cross breeds, Pit Game, Indian Game, Polish

Other Fowl: Runner ducks, Quail, Pekin Ducks, Mallards, Khaki Campbells, Turkey, Muscovies.

Free Roosters
If you have been to our auction before you will know we have a free rooster area. These birds need to be booked in and are for those who work and sell at the auction. Please do not turn up with your unwanted Roosters as if you do they will be turned away. ‚Äč

For more information please email Shayne using our contact us page or call on 0410548704

See you all there.

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